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  Since the 1975s,Taiwan has entered an era of rapid economic development.  Riding on this economic boom, the Yi-Chiu Group (“the Group”) has thrived and become a market leader in Taiwan’s petrochemical sector.  Since its foundation more than 30 years ago, Yi-Chiu has held true to its corporate values and has overcome difficulties one after another.  Weathering through adverse and favorable conditions, the Group has become a seasoned giant, having found its own way to success.

  Yi-Chiu Group’s main operations are closely linked to oil products. In 1975, Chairman Chin Chia-Hong founded Yi-Chiu Chemical & Technical producing insulating oils and lubricants. In 1997, Yi-Chiu Gas Station was founded and the first gas station located at Tu-Cheng Industrial Park was put into operation officially. In 2005, Coastal Performance International Co., Ltd (CPI) was registered in Taiwan and isthe first and only bunker supplier other than CPC in the Taichung Port Free Trade Zone . During its business expansion and growth stage, the Group stepped into the business areas of environmental protection, oil product storage, and sea fueling and oil product trading.

Presently, Yi-Chiu Group is adoping a two-stage expansion plan.  First, the Group is establishing mutually beneficial partnerships by means of professional technologies and labor division. Secondly the Group vigorously seeks highly experienced international business elites to continually stride toward progress and success.


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About the Founder


Founder-ChairmanChin Chia- Hong

  A warm-hearted business leader, Mr Chin is promoting public welfare and actively participates in local public affairs to make the society safer and more harmonious. Mr. Chin is an outstanding leader with nearly half a century’s industry experience.  The following is the history of Yi-Chiu Group that highlights Chairman Chin’s splendid and diversified milestones:

About 52 years ago, Mr Chin founded a mineral oil firm with 5,000 NT dollar raised by his mother to begin selling  lubricants for Chinese Petroleum Corp (CPC). Mr. Chin is now nicknamed “mineral oil guru” in Taiwan.  Yi-Chiu Group has since then been closely linked to oil prducts.


Yi-Chiu Chemical & Technical was founded to produce insulating oils and lubricants and has become the largest electrical insulating oil manufacture in Taiwan with a market share of more than 70%.

Mr. Chin was elected the president of Taipei City Oil Products Merchants Association. He pushed for the privatization of gas station operation by integrating the forces of businesses in the same trade and communicating with the government agenices in public. Mr. Chin pulled together privately owned mineral oil firms to fight against CPC and strived for the opening of the gas station business to private investors.

Mr. Chin founded , “National Petroleum Corporation” the first privately owned gas station and served as the chairman for three terms after the government formally privatized the gas stations.

Mr. Chin founded Yi-Hung Corp independently and opened the gas station at Tucheng Industrial Park and Pan Nan Gas Station to run the gas station business. The Pan Nan Gas Station merged with Caltima, a subsidiary of Ho Tung Chemical Corp to expand the business scale of the gas stations.

Mr. Chin terminated cooperation with Ho Tung Group. Yi-Chiu Corp affiliated to the gas stationsystem of the Group developed, established and acquired the business right of 13 gas stations. Yi-Chiu Corp then leased its 15 gas stations to Formosa Petrochemical Corp in February 2006 as the business grew steadily and the revenues grew rapidly, which laid the groundwork for partnership between Formosa and Yi-Chiu Group.

Mr. Chin established Coastal Performance International Co., Ltd (CPI).  CPI has bec ome the first bunker supplier other than CPC in the Taichung Port Free Trade Zone .

Mr. Chin took over as the Captain of Taipei County Police Station Auxiliary Police Team.  Moreover he established Taipei County Auxiliary Police Associat ion and acted as the first director in Dec, 2007.  Mr. Chin also created “Auxiliary Police’s Children Scholarship” to express solicitude to and help the policemen that have made contribution and the children of the auxiliary police. In view of limited police force and unlimited power of the people, the auxiliary police team rewards the society and strives to promote social security.

As the international financial crisis loops, chairman Chin adheres to the philosophy of “true care about   employees” and responds to and participates in the “Caring enterprise” campaign prompted by the government in spite of the rigid business environment.

  Chairman Chin is also a golf lover that has played golf for more than 30 years and is capable of single handicap. Business competition is just like the contest on the golf course: one must keep cool headed and calm, which is the key to success. He is as sharp in the business arena as in the golf course and the biggest wish of Mr. Chin who is in his earl 70s is to get a score equal to his age on the golf course, which is possible in view of his unceasing pursuit.


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