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 Founded in 1975, Yi-Chiu Chemical is a professional-driven company focused on design , yield rate and product quality. Being one of the few privately owned oil refiners in Taiwan, Yi-Chiu is now the largest transformer oil manufacturer in Taiwan. Three decades of efforts has enabled Yi-Chiu Chemical to acquire its leading position in the transformer oil industry, rendering it exclusively certified by Taiwan Power Company. Yi-Chiu’s superb quality has been widely acclaimed by major transformer manufacturers in Taiwan and world-wide. Leading international fuel enterprises, such as Shell and CPC chose Yi-Chiu Chemical as the best partner in Taiwan for joint management.

 Our lubricant is another well-known product with excellent quality and great after-service . Yi-Chiu offers Taiwan’s brands and also provides the best services
with its vertical integration position, We offer the best prices for our customers. Moreover, we adopted a special formula for our oil products. With over 30 Years experiences, Yi-Chiu becomes a professional OEM manufacturer for world-leading brands.
  In the future, we aim to be the best professional insulating oil manufacturer in Asia and become the primary partner with leading international brands. In order to achieve this, we set up a manufacture factory 180,000 square feet starting in 2006 while introducing a highly efficient manufacturing process and advanced testing equipments.
  Business Vision
 To become a world-class professional oil product manufacturer and the leader of industrial oils.Yi-Chiu Chemical , with over 30 years of progress, still continues to improve and excel itself to ensure sustainable growth in a competitive industry. Thanks to its excellent professional know-how, highly efficient manufacturing process and advanced testing equipment, Yi-Chiu has succeeded in becoming the best partner of global leading oil companies, and has made the commitment of “Outstanding quality & 24-hour services” available for customers all around the world.

We are proud of our products, for the following reasons:

  • Pioneer of transformer oil in Taiwan; the sole manufacturer certified by Taiwan Power Company.
  • Professional manufacturer of naphthenic oil products in Taiwan.
  • Professional supplier of motor oil and OEM manufacturer for world-leading brands.


  To maintain the leading position in the oil industry, Yi-Chiu Chemical has positioned itself as a global leading manufacturer of oil products, including transformer oil, motor oil and other industrial oils.


At the beginning of the Company, Yi-Chiu began to explore the industrial oil market and entered the rising industry of transformer oil. From controlling the oil channel, producing transformer oil and being certified by Taiwan Power Company, Yi-Chiu won the transformer oil bidding of Taiwan Power Company, thus beginning their first steps into the transformer oil manufacture industry. Later, Yi-Chiu initiated the motor oil market by providing the service of customized motor oils to customers. In addition, to cut-down costs for major customers by using a special formula, Yi-Chiu built a QC center to provide professional testing and support for the products in order to offer the best services and technology for customers. As a result, Yi-Chiu has become an outstanding professional supplier of transformer oils engaged in both OEM and ODM, as well as becoming Taiwan’s leading brand that hit the first market share milestone .


To challenge the state-owned enterprises’ monopoly on gas stations in Taiwan, Chairman Chin and other supporters successfully lobbied for the privatization of gas stations, resulting in the set up of the National Petroleum Corporation.


The Ministry of Economic Affairs approved the set up of gas stations in Type B Industrial Zones. In addition to expanding the oil lubrication business, Yi-Chiu also maintained a strong relationship with the suppliers, which in turn helped lay the foundations for Yi Chiu Corp’s future success.


CPI was registered in Taiwan in 2005, becoming the first company of the Taichung Port Free Trade Zone in November. It was also the first business given approval to commence operations in the FTZ, as well as the first private enterprise authorized to provide marine bunkering services in the port.


To increase the output of oil products, Chairman Chin established Yuan Xing Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd and a manufacture plant covering an area of 180,000 square feet. He introduced high-efficiency production processes and testing facilities to provide irreplaceable OEM services in an attempt to become a giant enterprise.


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