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  Yi-Chiu Corp opened the first gas station affiliated to an industrial park in Taiwan at Tucheng Industrial Park in June 1997. Its total service concept was ground breaking for privately-owned gas stations.

  Yi-Chiu Corp’s success in managing gas stations was well recognized by oil product suppliers and won the title of “Top Dispenser of Diesel in Taiwan” for 3 consecutive years. These accolades reflect the management team’s dedication, as well as Chairman Chin’s personal leadership. Standard operating procedures such as on-site selection, station construction, circulation and management were developed, and eventually became the “Formula for Success” that helped Yi-Chiu Corp deliver the extraordinary results every year.
  Business Vision  

  With a steady growth of competition and low margin in the gas station industry, 5 Yi-Chiu Corp has made efforts to transform itself. Thanks to Chairman Chin’s adept skill, every Yi-Chiu Corp’s gas station has delivered excellent results. Not only does this advantage support Yi-Chiu Corp’s successful transformation, but also endowed the Group with competitive flexibility.


1997 Opened the first gas station at Tucheng Industrial Park, the first gas station affiliated to an industrial park in Taiwan.

Opened the second gas station at Cheng Lin Road, Tucheng City, Taipei County-Cheng Lin Gas Station.

2001 Expanded the business from Tucheng City, Taipei County to Sindian City, Taipei County by opening the third gas station-Tai Chi Gas Station.

Opened the first gas station in Sindian City, Taipei County—Chung Hsing Gas Station and named “Top Dispenser of Diesel in Taiwan”.

2003 Expanded the business into Junghe City and Banciao City, Taipei County and the opening of four gas stations- Chungshan, Pan Nan, Tatung and Junghe.

Expanded the business rapidly to Sinjuang City and Hsichih City, Taipei County and opened four gas stations- Wenhwa, Hsintai Wuyi, Hwacheng and Chungyang, bringing the total number of gas stations to 12.


Allied with North Star Gas Station and Qien Yueh Gas Station to establish the EZoil gas station chain system and cooperated with Union Bank of Taiwan to issue “EZ Fueling Co-branded Card” expanding its business to Sanchong City, Taipei County and opened two gas stations-Hsichih and Tzechiang.


In Feb, Chairman Chin leased all 13 gas stations to Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, to allow Formosa Petrochemical Corporation to expand into Greater Taipei area and paved the groundwork for a strategic partnership between FPCC and Yi-Chiu.

Expanded the business from Taipei County to Keelung City in 2006 by opening Pai Chia Li station at Chung Cheng Road, Keelung City, shaking the competition pattern of gas stations in Keelung.

Opened Mai Chin Gas Station at Mai Chin Road, Keelung City, expanding the business to Taipei City by opening Nankang Gas Station at Nankang Road, Taipei City, also leased the two stations to Formosa Petrochemical Corporation in the same year.


Opened Chung Fong Gas Station at Chung Li and leased another station to Formosa Petrochemical Corporation in Feb. 2009, bringing the total number of gas stations leased to 16.


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