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 As an oil energy supplier, CPI (Coastal Performance International Co., Ltd.) provides world-class oil storage facilities, a service team with more than 30 years of experience in oil trading and a modern fleet. With all these advantages, CPI can offer professional and highly flexible oil product distribution capabilities to provide fast, instant and efficient logistics services of oils. CPI is always ready to serve and share new ideas with the customers to work for mutual benefits.

  Located at the hub of the sea lane in east Asia, Taiwan serves as the bridge between America and Europe as well as between northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Situated inside West Pier 5 of the Taichung Port Free Trade Zone, CPI enjoys advantages in geographic location. They offer a logistic center and have a convenient, free trade environment, which effectively improves the overall efficiency and global logistic management of the enterprise.

  CPI operates standard oil storage facilities worldwide with a capacity of 15,300KL. They offer a service team and transport fleet of outstanding professional experience to provide services such as storing and mixing oil, international trading of oil products and marine bunkering.
  • Oil product storage/mixing:
    The oil tanks at West Pier 5 of Taichung Port provide the customers with storage, mixing and insulation services for oil products, which are also subject to 24-hour security control by technical personnel.
  • International trading of oil products:
    With both the marine bunkering services available in West Pier 5 and Taichung Port's terminal as the foundations, we are able to transport plenty of raw materials from the country of origin using large oil tankers to cross the Taichung Port Free Trade Zone. Then we mix them in accordance with the grade and quantity required by the customers and then transport them to mainland China and far east Asia markets. We consistently provide the customers with tailored services and give our best efforts to keep the function and advantages of the logistic center at their maximum potential.
  • Marine bunkering service:
    CPI supplies batches of MF380, MF180, MGO, MDO oils and more at the dock. They provide bunkering services, oil loading/unloading services, berth arrangement and full control services, such as import/export custom declaration service. They also serve as the window of contact with local customs and management authority of the FTZ.
  Business Vision  
  Oil products, mainly produced in Middle and Southeast Asia, are mainly consumed in northeast Asia. Taiwan serves as the bridge between Northeast and Southeast Asia. CPI uses Taichung Port as the logistics hub for a business network encompassing China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.
  CPI bases its fuel logistics platform on Taichung Port for fuel oil transshipments, exports and trade from Taichung Port to China, Hong Kong and Japan. We use our best efforts to make Taichung Port the most successful oil products transshipment center in East Asia, by establishing a global service network in hopes of a win-win future for CPI and the customers.
May, 2005
Founding of the Coastal Performance International Co., Ltd.
Sep, 2005
Became the first private enterprise authorized to supply marine bunkering services in Taichung Port.
Nov, 2005
Became the first company of the Taichung Port Free Trade Zone and the first business given approval to commence operations in the FTZ.
Recognized as one of the “Top 500 Importer/Exporter of Taiwan R.O.C for 2007”

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