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Bunker fuel oil:


  A widely-used oil product manufactured by blending heavy oils with light fraction oils, bunker fuel oil features its high heating value, good combustibility, storage stability and little corrodibility. This multi-purpose oil product is the most economical and ideal fuel for diesel engines of high, middle and low speed ships. Generally, fuel oils are classified according to the viscosity at 50°C. For instance, MF-30 means that the dynamic viscosity is 30cSt and MF-80 is 80cSt.
Insulating oil (also known as transformer oil):


  Also known as transformer oil, the insulating oil is mainly intended for electrical insulation and must have strong insulation capability. For this reason, high dielectric strength and good heat transferability are also required, so the viscosity should not be too high. To ensure the insulation and heat transfer functions, it has not included water, dust and metal filing as traces of  materials may change the insulating capability of the oils appreciably. There are specifications of the testing method about insulation oil products, e.g. The standard specifications of Taiwan Power Company, C001 (96-07), American  and European standard specifications. Main test items include flash point, fire point, pour point, interfacial tension, resistivity, viscosity, water contents, oxidation stability and dielectric strength.

Lubricating oil:


  Short for lube and commonly known as engine oil, lubricanting oil is a kind of mineral oil refined from crude oil. Depending on different crude oil bases, lubricanting oils are classified as paraffinic base oils, naphthenic base oils and mixed base oils, which vary in specific gravity, viscosity, pour point and flash point. Although used in a tiny quantity, additives may improve or enhance the properties of lubricanting oils. Each additive usually has multiple abilities, e.g. anti-oxidation, antiwear, eformants, rust-inhibited, detergent and dispersant,  VI improver and emulsion. Depending on the intended purposes, lubricating oils may be classified into motor oils, hydraulic oils, air compressor oils, cutting oils, gear oils, etc.

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